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Forms Home Hills California by Johnston Architects Marklee

The house is located in the Palisades area, Los Angeles, California, is indeed specifically formed to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley that exist in Santa Monica. Johnston Marklee hills make this house was intended to make this house for the residents who live in the hills. He saw a problem that occurred in the hilly area that houses do not exist in accordance with the contour of the land. In fact, the hills have a very beautiful scenery. And, this is forgotten by the people around who do not understand how to deal with forms of soil surface is uneven. The designer wants to provide a reliable new choice for a home look hills. This house uses contemporary forms without limiting the room so the house can adjust the shape of land without compromising the room spacious home. For style building, this house uses this form of the envelope so that the house still has a building design. So that the room is not too narrow, the roof and walls of houses merged into one section. Thus, the appearance of interior and exterior of this house into a unity so that the views of the Santa Monica Canyon can still be seen from this house.  More information, please visit Johnston Architects Marklee.


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