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View New Forms of India Restaurant Interior by GUBI

GUBI just designing interior of a hotel restaurant in New Delhi, India. Upon entering the restaurant room, the underwater atmosphere immediately felt. White and blue colors dominating the entire indoor restaurant design. In order to effect this sea look more real then the restaurant wall fitted navy blue curtain. To better display the marine atmosphere, the curtain is illuminated by light from the bottom so it looks as if it looked like beautiful  small waterfall. In the middle of the room restaurant are also given the large sea scallop-shaped basin that fed water with a sprinkling of flowers. Actually, basin shape serves as a complement oysters room decoration. Interest in every part of this room is intended for indoor display is not very flat so that the impression of nature can still be emitted from the interior room. For the lighting of the room, then the interior of this room using the lamp at the center of the roof which made a little hollow. Making this hole is actually intended to make the lights not too bright so the effects can still be seen underwater. And, under the sea interior view this GUBI work will increasingly look beautiful with the placement of dining chairs that are covered with blue leather.


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