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White Minimalist Modern Kitchen

if you have a house in the middle of town, you should be confronted with a minimalist all-state, so the minimalist design is very necessary to overcome the limitations. create a minimalist space is very easy. You must create the layout of your home the most minimal furniture so you can have enough space for your life. choice of matching color helps make the home atmosphere as you want, any option chosen furniture into consideration to create a minimalist space. you are facing that is minimalist, so you also must think of making a minimalist kitchen.
make the kitchen as you wish very easily. if you are not satisfied with the kitchen design you create, you can ask for design consulting services to solve your problems. example of this minimalist kitchen use less but still multifunctional furniture as storage. white furniture and the whole room into harmony plus the kitchen tools are made with a uniform color to make kitchens seem alive. last and most important is the light space. You must carefully choose the right lighting for your kitchen to your kitchen can be fun and looks luxurious. Via Read the rest of this entry »


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View New Forms of India Restaurant Interior by GUBI

GUBI just designing interior of a hotel restaurant in New Delhi, India. Upon entering the restaurant room, the underwater atmosphere immediately felt. White and blue colors dominating the entire indoor restaurant design. In order to effect this sea look more real then the restaurant wall fitted navy blue curtain. To better display the marine atmosphere, the curtain is illuminated by light from the bottom so it looks as if it looked like beautiful  small waterfall. In the middle of the room restaurant are also given the large sea scallop-shaped basin that fed water with a sprinkling of flowers. Actually, basin shape serves as a complement oysters room decoration. Interest in every part of this room is intended for indoor display is not very flat so that the impression of nature can still be emitted from the interior room. For the lighting of the room, then the interior of this room using the lamp at the center of the roof which made a little hollow. Making this hole is actually intended to make the lights not too bright so the effects can still be seen underwater. And, under the sea interior view this GUBI work will increasingly look beautiful with the placement of dining chairs that are covered with blue leather. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forms Home Hills California by Johnston Architects Marklee

The house is located in the Palisades area, Los Angeles, California, is indeed specifically formed to enjoy the beautiful view of the valley that exist in Santa Monica. Johnston Marklee hills make this house was intended to make this house for the residents who live in the hills. He saw a problem that occurred in the hilly area that houses do not exist in accordance with the contour of the land. In fact, the hills have a very beautiful scenery. And, this is forgotten by the people around who do not understand how to deal with forms of soil surface is uneven. The designer wants to provide a reliable new choice for a home look hills. This house uses contemporary forms without limiting the room so the house can adjust the shape of land without compromising the room spacious home. For style building, this house uses this form of the envelope so that the house still has a building design. So that the room is not too narrow, the roof and walls of houses merged into one section. Thus, the appearance of interior and exterior of this house into a unity so that the views of the Santa Monica Canyon can still be seen from this house.  More information, please visit Johnston Architects Marklee. Read the rest of this entry »

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Contemporary Bathroom Interior Design with Minimalist Furniture Design

Interior design your bathroom will say a lot about you, therefore make good planning for your bathroom design. One bathroom design concept is contemporary bathroom design. Contemporary bathroom design identical with modern bathroom design. Modern bathroom design will be complemented by minimalist furniture design with multiple functions. Elegant nuance is part of contemporary bathroom design.
Furniture design placed in the bathroom following is a description of a concept of contemporary bathroom. Bathtub design looks simple but elegant. The sink to use for faucet is very beautiful and fits contemporary bathroom concept.Contemporary bathroom design that we see in the picture, supported by combination of a matching paint, visible bathroom looking spacious and luxurious. Read the rest of this entry »

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Super Thin Apartment in Tokyo

This Japanese architectural firm did wonders for the views of this single family home in the outskirts of Tokyo’s metropolis. Now the exterior of this home may look like a flat screen television on steroids but the intent was to set the house back from being too close to the street on its very small property. So what they decided to do was tilt the facade of the home 63 degrees which allowed for a completely different perspective of the street but also minimized the interior space of the home as well.

The entirely concrete building is a minimalist’s paradise inside and out. And the facade provides the only natural light that shines into the home. We only hope it’s this empty because it has yet to be occupied by tenants. Although by now we must be aware that the Japanese lifestyle is one based on minimal simplicity and self-reflection. And while this super narrow apartment may look absurdly small to the rest of the world, it may not be that odd for what renters are used to in Japan. Talk about your ‘out of the box’ thinking…the Cherry Blossom is indeed a nice touch!

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